10 Jun 2022

Unravelling pathways that control immortalization using tumor organoids

p-care partner Stefan Schoeftner and his research team at the University of Trieste, Italy have used a collection of lung cancer patient derived tumor organoids to investigate mechanisms underlying cell immortalization. Results of this work have been published in the international scientific journal “Nature Communications”.

The research group has demonstrated that the treatment with an inhibitor of an RNA methyltransferase is altering the maintenance of telomeres, essential sequences at the end of chromosomes that ensure proliferation of cancer cells. The work identifies a new target for potential therapies that hit the proliferative potential of cancer cells.

The research contains results from the PreCanMed and p-care project coordinated by Stefan Schoeftner

Buemi V, Schillaci O, Santorsola M, Bonazza D, Broccia PV, Zappone A, Bottin C, Dell'Omo G, Kengne S, Cacchione S, Raffa GD, Piazza S, di Fagagna FD, Benetti R, Cortale M, Zanconati F, Del Sal G, Schoeftner S.

TGS1 mediates 2,2,7-trimethyl guanosine capping of the human telomerase RNA to direct telomerase dependent telomere maintenance.

Nat Commun. 2022 Apr 28