04 Dec 2020 EVENT

1st p-care Workshop

Despite the challenge of the current COVID global pandemic, cancer research must go on adapting to the new daunting reality. This is what the cross-border research of p-care has been doing. Today, the p-care community is hosting its first virtual event on precision cancer medicine, featuring leading Italian and Austrian scientists who will explore the vulnerabilities of resistant ovarian tumors and the strategies of immunotherapy.

The first p-care workshop on precision cancer medicine will be held online starting at 11:00.
p-care will host live streaming seminars of Gustavo Baldassare from the National Cancer Istitute in Aviano, Italy, and Dominik Wolf, Director of the Department of Internal Medicine of the Medical University of Innsbruck, Austria.

The event will provide opportunities to quiz p-care partners and presenting experts on why anti-cancer treatments can fail to produce effective and durable responses, and how the patient’s immune system can be spurred to fight cancer.