Banked samples

Available specimens were collected from patients meeting inclusion criteria of the p-care and PreCanMed study. The collection includes chips of diseased and matched normal tissues from surgical resections of breast, lung, brain, ovarian, liver, gastrointestinal and colon cancers as well as metastasis.

In addition to tumor samples, and matched normal tissue and primary blood monocytes were collected.Tumor organoids were prepared from selected patients. All biological samples were cryo-conserved generating a valuable collection of patient derived live-biological samples

De-identified, sample matched datasets

Three categories of data are collected along with their related, banked material:

  • patients’ clinical information on diagnosis, molecular and histopathology analyses, prescription drugs and treatments, as well as response to therapy;
  • genomic data of selected patient-derived organoids ; and
  • gene expression profiles of selected patient-derived organoids and spheroids.

Clinical data banked by PreCanMed and p-care are anonymised, ensuring patient privacy and confidentiality.

A resource for cancer research

A central goal of p-care is to make the expanded interreg biobank accessible to a broad scientific and medical community, to stimulate and speed up cross-border, as well as international cancer research.

Access to data and biological material